... also your design as hand knotted carpet   online  digital    modern    traditional    we weave accurate to your pattern in the quality required traditional and modern designs  unique pieces or multiples    just mail us your digital carpet design and we guide you    convince your self in our gallery                                                                                                                                                                designer carpets                     traditional carpets                                                                                                                                         knots                                   pixel                      wool                                                                                                       exporters                                   whole sale                                                            we transform each pixel of your design into a woolen a knot without any change to the traditional craft                        accurate                                                                                                                                              digital                                       carpet                                                                                                                                                                    natural dyes                                                         loom              hand knotted                                                                rugs                                                                                     quality                        natural                                               hand knotted              carpet                                         


We weave also your design to a carpet. Not approximately, but exactly in the best traditional quality. Convince yourself in the gallery and if you think we can produce also your design as a carpet - simple m@il its image to us. We do not trade - we produce carpets.